The international conference series Automotive User Interfaces celebrated its 10th years anniversary in 2018 (see Over the years many topics (from distraction to autonomous driving), models (from user experience to user acceptance), methods (from contextual inquiries to usability tests), studies (from lab to the field), interaction techniques (from gestures to gaze), and much more have been investigated and used to bring forward the field auf automotive human-machine interaction. This project includes a rigorous literature research of the AutoUI conference series form 2009 to 2018. The student needs to find or develop a tool that is able to do an automated literature. The students needs to identify dimensions of the literature and present them in a readable and usable way.

Type of Student

Bachelor student

Required Skills

  • Search for or develop a tool that allows computerised literature analysis
  • Performing a scientific literature analysis
  • Ability to condense and present results in a valuable way

Desired Skills

  • Familiar with automative UI terminology

Related literature