The project is part of  From Special Needs to Diversity-Centered Design , where we are working with the Josef Rehrl School, Salzburg Wohnbau and Salzburg AG. The Josef Rehrl School is an inclusive school, with classes of both hearing and hearing impaired (ranging from reduced hearing capabilities to deaf) pupils.

As a part of the project we are focusing on the school’s sports hall and their sport lessons. For example, it is quite challenging for the teacher to use a whistle (the common means of communication during sport activities), as not all the students can hear the whistle sound. The goal is therefore to develop a “visual whistle” that is able to provide both an audible and visual output, and in that way, address all the students equally.

We are looking a student that is experienced in audio processing or signal processing, and equipped with programming skills.

Type of Student

Bachelor or Master student

Required Skills

  • Interest in (Audio) signal processing
  • Software development / programming (framework to be discussed)

Desired Skills

  • Prior experience with microcontroller boards (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi, particle photon)
Contact: Martin Murer