This project is rather open: we have a Hololens, you have (basic) skills in Unity – let’s go! Our general idea is to better combine the tangible world with augmented reality. Using sensors and actuators, what you see through the Hololens is reflected in or supplemented by what happens around you in the real world. The context is yours to decide: at home, at university, at work – wherever you see an opportunity for the Hololens, is where you make it happen. We provide the tech and infrastructure, feedback on your ideas, and guidance on where to go next, but we are looking for a student who is not afraid of some exploration without clear guidelines and can hold her/his own in a very open project.

Type of Student

Bachelor student or Master student

Required Skills

  • Experience with Unity/C#
  • Ability to work autonomously and in teams
  • Problem-solving skills

Desired Skills

  • Experience with Tangible Computing (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensors & actuators)
  • Basic knowledge of UX/IxD


Contact: Dorothé Smit