This year’s International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications takes place from 24th – 27th of September 2017 in Oldenburg, Germany.

At the conference, several workshops are co-organized by the Center for Human-Computer Interaction:

  • Navigating Autonomous Cars: The Opportunities of HD Maps on User Experience
    Organizers: Sven Krome, Juan Jativa-Villoldo, Dorothea Brockmann, Fabius Steinberger, Ronald Schroeter, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, and Sandra Trösterer
    Website: UX HD Map
  • Control Transition Workshop: Handover and Takeover Procedures in Highly Automated Driving
    Organizers: Shadan Sadeghian, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Alexander Mirnig, Susanne Boll, Frederik Naujoks, Ioannis Politis, and Ignacio Alvarez
    Website: TORHOR
  • First Workshop on Trust in the Age of Automated Driving
    Organizers: Brittany Noah, Philipp Wintersberger, Alexander Mirnig, Shailie Thakkar, Fei Yan, Thomas Gable, Johannes Kraus and Rod McCall
    Website: Automation Trust
  • Workshop on Augmented Reality for Intelligent Vehicles
    Organizers: Andrew Kun, Manfred Tscheligi, Andreas Riener, and Hidde van der Meulen
    Website: ARV

We kindly invite you to contribute to and participate in the workshops! Further information about the workshops can be found on the respective websites. Also, have a look at for further details about the conference program.