This project is connected to SAAM, in which we design  a multi-modal coaching system for the elderly. This Horizon 2020 project, is made in collaboration with 10 research, technical and social partner organisations from 5 different countries. The elderly have very specific needs, which not always can be addressed with another app and a touchscreen device. The focus of this Bachelor/Master thesis topic would be to create a prototypical for user interface and interaction design for the coaching system. The goal of the interface is to serve as an input and output for the system utilising persuasive strategies to maintain or improve elderlies’ physical activity, social activity, cognitive health, cardiovascular health, sleep quality and hydration allowing them to remain independent for longer. The challenge is to create a multi-modal interface that will allow for high usability while requiring little to none reading or previous training. Therefore, we are looking for a student with experience in interaction design, user interface design, programming, prototyping and physical computing.

Type of Student

Bachelor / Master student

Required Skills

  • Experience with Physical Computing (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.)
  • Ability to work autonomously and in teams
  • Problem-solving skills

Desired Skills

  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with Interaction Design
  • Experience with User Interface Design