This project is connected to re:tangent, in which we design hybrid boardgames for remote engagements. This is a project together with the KU Leuven. As a research vehicle, both for communication between the two partners, and to explore prototypes geared towards dislocation, we will design a ‘Portal’ (working title) to create a bridge between Leuven and Salzburg. Focal points for this project is the meeting point between the digital and the physical through tangible interaction. The goal is to create two pieces of furniture that allow us to share information – not just digital, but also physical – with each other, and that will make is easy to explore board games over distance. We’re therefore looking for students with experience in tangible computing, programming, and physical prototyping.

Type of Student

Bachelor student or Master student

Required Skills

  • Experience with Tangible Computing (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.)
  • Ability to work autonomously and in teams
  • Problem-solving skills

Desired Skills

  • Experience with Python
  • Graphic Design Skills


Contact: Dorothé Smit