subnetTALKs are open dialogues. We invite artists and researchers to talk about the intersections between art, science and technology. An impulse talk sets the stage for the discussion that follows. subnetTALK is recorded and broadcasted by FS1. Rüdiger Wassibauer moderates the dialogue. subnetTALK is a Cooperation between the Center for Human-Computer Interaction and subnet.

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subnetTALK 2018 – “MATERIAL”

Art is more than some decoratively assembled materials. But what do materials have to do with art? Materials are generally anything but obvious. This becomes especially clear when looking at Media Arts and the Maker Movement. Often, we hop from idea, to form, to the search for the right material. However, materials can also bring us to new ideas. New materials are asking to be researched and experimented with, so that we can use them sustainably and purposefully. And since this covers just about the tip of the iceberg, we will dive into Materials in 2018, before the vast spectrum of possibilities engulfs us.


04.04.2018, 18.00, Center for HCI
Julian Stadon (EN)

18.04.2018, 18.00, Center for HCI
Emanuel Gollob (DE)

06.06.2018, 18.00, Center for HCI
Pedro Lopes (EN)

01.09.2018, 18:00, Schmiede Hallein
Sebastian Hackenschmidt (DE)

01.09.2018, 19:30, Schmiede Hallein
Florian Kühnle (DE)

26.09.2018, 18.00, Center for HCI
Martin Kaltenbrunner (DE)

03.10.2018, 18.00, Center for HCI
Robertina Sebjanic (EN)

24.10.2018, 18.00, Center for HCI
Selena Savic (EN)

28.11.2018, 18.00, Center for HCI
Sigrid Brell-Cokcan (EN)


subnetTALK 2017
Rahmen und Realität – Wie der Kontext unser Schaffen beeinflusst

In 2017, subnet and the Center will organise eight subnetTALKs, seven of which will take place in Studio 3 at the Center for HCI.

Mi.22.2. — 19:00
Den Kontext bestimmen wir selbst –  Simon Schäfer, 

Mi.15.3. — 19:00
Material Ecologies –  Manuel Kretzer

Mi.12.4. — 19:00
Vom Freiraum Otelo zur Unternehmung Otelo eGen – Wolfgang Mader

Mi.17.5. — 19:00
The hedonic body – framing virtuality sound-gestures, the body & post-digital culture – Werner Jauk

Sa.23.9. — TBA
The Digital in the Arts and in Exhibitions – Kathrin Wolf
Ort: auf der Schmiede Hallein, Saline, Pernerinsel.

Mi.25.10. — 19:00
Gute Kulturpolitik macht Künstler*innen glücklich – Thomas Philipp

Mi.15.11.  — 19:00
Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in Space – Claudia Rohrmoser

Mi.29.11 — 19:00
Gestaltung als Rahmen und Spiegel unseres Handelns – Moya Hoke

Studio 3 can be found in the Techno 5 building, and accessed through the side entrance down in the parking lot. The first door to your right opens to a long hallway that leads to Studio 3.

Contact: Martin Murer