Michal Kapinus and Zdenek Materna are two PhD researchers from the Robo@Fit group at the University of Technology in Brno, Czech Republic. From November 21 to December 2, 2016, they spent a research visit at the CHCI to cooperate with our Human-Robot Interaction group.
Michal and Zdenek presented their augmented reality setup that they previously developed to support the collaboration between humans and robots in an assembly line. Their research integrates well with our previous approach to support the online teaching of industrial robots with augmented reality. During their stay, the team worked together to advance both systems. As a first result of the cooperation, Michal and Zdenek and the CHCI HRI team will submit two late breaking reports to the HRI conference which will take place in March 2017 in Vienna.
We hope Michal and Zdenek enjoyed their time with us in Salzburg as much as we did. We already made plans for how to continue this mutually fruitful cooperation.
Contact: Nicole Mirnig